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Guidelines are items that can be obtained through raiding valleys, purchasing or through luck in Civony and whose costs range from 5 to 120 Cents. Their only purpose is to reduce construction or research time by different intervals, ranging from 15 minutes for Beginner Guidelines to 30% of the total time for Ultimate Guidelines.

Name Images Type Cost Time Removed
Beginner Guidelines Beginner Guidelines Building, Research 5 cents 15 minutes
Primary Guidelines Primary Guidelines Building, Research 10 cents 1 hour
Intermediate Guidelines Intermediate Guidelines Building, Research 20 cents 2.5 hours
Senior Guidelines Senior Guidelines Building, Research 50 cents 8 hours
Master Guidelines Master Guidelines Building, Research 80 cents 10-30 hours
Ultimate Guidelines Ultimate Guidelines Building, Research 120 cents 30% of total waiting time
Archimedes' Note Archimedes' Note Wall Troops 35 cents 30%
Napoleon's Diary Napoleon's Diary Training Troops 30 cents 30%
Merchant Fleet Merchant Fleet Merchants 5 cents Instant Finish

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