We all have battle calculators of one type or another so,we can all determine whether or not we can win however,it would be nice to have on a percentage basis the number of troops we need to kill and win but,yet leave as many troops as possible in the target city to draft from later so that we can recover some losses.we all know that there must be atleast a 10% loss from the target to get a scout report but what percentage of troops are required to win and yet leave troops in the target to draft from? The answer to this question will provide a way to lose less troops when you attack as well as leave some in the target city to draft from and there by recoup some loss.I Have not been able to find the answer to this question so,if anyone has anything intelligent to say about this feel free to mail WHATTHEEF on the Evony game.

Now it is quite clear that there are many ways of avoiding any real bennifit of colonization in age two especially if the target is on line but I will offer this peice of advice to those of you that wish to maxamize a kill and take some of the remaining will to go on by your oppenent.When you do colonize it is very common for your target to hide troops in a near by valey. Most are reletivily lazy and will not want to transfer resources at any distance to ensure survival in the event of a colonization and most likely will store food in a local valley for such an event.Before you attack a city take the time to hover your mouse point over a square area that is compatable with your time patience and overall feasability to see if the target has suze over any valleys that don't have cities built. Write down the coordinates.If the targets troops have fled during or after colonization, scout as many of the coordinates you have wrote down as quickly as possable and you may just find where the target has hidden troops.This certainly is not fool proof by any means as there are many circumstances and he may have 10 citys wich gives him many more options not even considering the alliance factor but,it is one more way to gain a slight advantage and maximizre damage.

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