Short Description Edit

Allows you to research technologies.

Summary Edit


The Academy is the place to research technologies (AKA Research Project) for your empire. Research can help in a wide variety of areas, such as resource production, construction and military operation. The higher its level, the more technologies it can research.

Somewhat counter intuitively a higher level academy DOES NOT research faster. The only known ways to increase your research speed are through your [[Castellan]]'s intelligence, and through building another Academy in another city (which allows you to research an additional technology at the same time, but does not decrease times in your original academy).

Technologies can be shared in all your cities so long as their academies reach the required level (though some technologies such as construction seem to be shared regardless of Academy level; this likely a bug, and might be fixed at a later date).

Upgrades Edit

Level Construction Technology Food Lumber Stone Iron Gold Time
1 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 120 2,500 1,500 200 None ~8m
2 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 240 5,000 3,000 400 None ~15m
3 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 480 10,000 6,000 800 None 28m 56s
4 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 960 20,000 12,000 1,600 None ~1h
5 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 1,920 40,000 24,000 3,200 None 1h 59m 19s
6 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 3,840 80,000 48,000 6,400 None 2h 16m 02s
7 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 7,680 160,000 96,000 12,800 None 4h 32m 05s
8 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 15,360 320,000 192,000 25,600 None ~8h
9 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 30,720 640,000 384,000 51,200 None ~16h
10 Town Hall(Lv.2) None 61,440 1,280,000 768,000 102,400 None 24h 47m 03s

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